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Too Much Sneezing…May mean poor Air Quality

One easy solution for a dusty, pollen filled office environment is a new, fresh set of replacement HVAC filters.

  1. Once filters are installed, inspect them regularly, especially during peak allergy seasons.
  2. Rating systems like MERV, basis a filters thickness, will point you in the right direction ( the thicker the better).
  3. HEPA filters reduce indoor air pollution, but not asthma symptoms.
  4. T&T Services can limit the amount of dust & dander (pet dandruff) by offering routing monthly, quarterly, and annual High Dusting, HVAC filtration replacement filters and professional consulting.

Overhead Cleaning “Acoustical & Aesthetic”

General Cleaning of ceiling tiles should be carried out on a regular basis to prevent the need for more aggressive cleaning methods.  Cleaning of dust and loose dirt may be easily achieved using a soft brush, or vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft nozzle upholstery brush.  Our overhead cleaning services at T&T Services LLC intertwine the removal of heavier soiled areas with damp cloth or sponge dipped in mild detergent for more of a “Deep Clean.”

Where soiling is widespread and severe, specialist contractors use proprietary methods and chemicals.  When necessary, panels and tiles can be re-decorated by spray, brush or roller.

T&T Services LLC offer the following quick tips to keep your ceiling looking like new:

  • Remove dust or loose dirt w/ a vacuum
  • Use fresh, good grade wall cleaner to tackle stubborn spots
  • Some ceilings can withstand scrubbing, moisture, and germicidal cleansers.



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How Professional Cleaning Crews Train & Communicate

Each housekeeping department must follow a training program designed to communicate step-by-step how to properly complete each task for a specific assignment.  This all begins with communicating to the team that there is an order of tasks, a “standard”, which dictates how we do everything.

Why we do what we do?

As the world learns more about germs, infections, and how humans are impacted by outbreaks.  Whether the safety comes by replacing linens, mopping a floor, disposing of trash or simply making the area organized and orderly, housekeeping is a major component in the concept of cleaning thoroughly.







  • Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt):  Most common and generally least expensive , can be applied to up to 20* F
  • Calcium Chloride:  Can be applied between 0 to 25*F, making it one of the best de-icers
  • Magnesium chloride:  More expensive than calcium chloride, can be useful down to -13*F
  • Potassium chloride:  This product is less harmful to pets and gardeners.
  • Calcium magnesium acetate:  This product is considered a more environmentally friendly product than some other deicing compounds

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Cleaning & Sanitizing Rest Rooms

Greetings Chicagoland T&T Cleaning in this article addresses the proper way to remove urine and other odor(s) within your home or office space.

When properly addressing urine odors T&T recommends looking for products that;

  • Work on hard and soft surfaces (remember to incorporate them as a regular part of the routine cleaning).
  • Organic based products such as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda also help to remove staining and odor.
  • Green Certified with a hydrogen peroxide base.  Peroxide breaks down odor causing uric acid crystals.

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  1. Look for a line on the bag and feel with your hand to determine about how full it is. Or simply empty bin.  There are now HEPA regulated vacuum begs for Pet Owners.
  2. Clean the Brush Roll (Some vacuums you must remove the bottom plate.)
  3. Check belt for signs of wear. (T&T Cleaning recommends replacing your belt every 6 months).
  4. Replace or Clean any Air filters.
  5. Check hoes for debris.


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Why Use Green Clean for all your Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Needs?

Environmentally Safe Organic Cleaners

  • We Proudly Use Only Green Seal Products

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  • Respect for You, Your Home & Your Time

We offer a variety of “Greencleaning services so we encourage you to please take the time to explore our site and see how Green Clean can service all of your cleaning needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call us directly at (708)259-9288 -or- and we will be happy to answer any questions.